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Renowned Sculptor: Timothy P. Schmalz

by Gary Megaffin

For over 25 years, Timothy P. Schmalz has been sculpting large scale sculptures, devoted to creating artwork that glorifies Christ. The reason for his devotion, apart from his Christian beliefs, is that an artist needs an epic subject to create epic art. Timothy describes his sculptures as being visual prayers. He is a figurative artist with his pieces installed worldwide. Some of his most reputed pieces are installed in historical churches in Rome and at the Vatican. Timothy describes his most important work as visual translations of the Bible.

Although most of his work is based upon a spiritual theme, he also creates large, complex public sculptures in bronze. Some of these include monuments that honour veterans and firefighters. Timothy strives to create epic artwork that connects with viewers through design and details that not only touch the viewer on an emotional level, but also allow them to feel somewhat a ‘part’ of the piece. Saint Gregory the Great wrote that “art is for the illiterate”; the use of images was an extremely effective way to educate the general population.

We have a number of sculptures by world-renowned sculptor and Brother Knight from Council 1504, Timothy P. Schmalz. We are able to give a one-time price break for the following sculptures, created by Timothy, as long as they are ordered by Friday Dec.22, 2017. One of these may be a great Christmas present!

All special prices include taxes. Please email Brian Schmalz at if you are interested in any of these beautiful statues by Timothy P. Schmalz.

Timothy P. Schmalz Sculptures 1

The Knights of Columbus Emblem – This small sculpture has just arrived and the larger one will be installed at the parish in New Haven, Connecticut, in the Spring. The value of this statue is $79.99, SPECIAL PRICE is $72.00.

Timothy P. Schmalz Sculptures 2

Precious from Cradle to Grave – Miniature Bronze – Regular price $129.99, SPECIAL PRICE is $104.00

Timothy P. Schmalz Sculptures 3

From Left to Right – Homeless Jesus, Generations, Precious in His Sight – Regular price – $79.00, SPECIAL PRICE is $72.00

Timothy P. Schmalz Sculptures 4

From Left to Right – Mother Mary, Christ Washing Peters Feet, Joy 2 The World, Standing Holy Family, A Quiet Moment – Regular Price $69.99, SPECIAL PRICE is $63.00

Timothy P. Schmalz Sculptures 5

From Left to Right – 11/99 Officer Needs Help, Tranquility, Drawing Strength (firefighter), Regular price $59.99, SPECIAL PRICE is $54.00

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