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Tiny Home Takeout – A little Perspective

With the Kitchener Knights of Columbus (in partnership with Heffner Toyota) upcoming Trivia Challenge, it is with good reason that profits from the event will be directed to “Tiny Home Takeout” (THT).  For those of us, privileged to enjoy 3 meals a day, a thought to the many in our community that struggle with the cost of living: often choosing between housing or food. 

Chef Amy, at Tiny Home Takeout, provides some statistics on those served in our community and the increasing need for their “pay what you can” services.  According to her count, people served at the downtown location through 2023 exceeded 50,000 clients (up from 43,000 in 2022).  On average, 371 calzones (essentially a folded and baked, personal pizza) were made daily: a total of 96,000 calzones in 2023, amongst 692 meal portions serviced nightly into the community with 25,000+ meal bags, for the year, to “Going Mobile”.  This in addition to, over 27,000 sandwiches distributed into our region.

What’s the impact on our community? 

THT, funded wholly on donations from our community, served over 187,000 portions in 2023: up from 180,000 in 2022 and 92,000 portions in 2021.  Since their opening, THT have prepared over 461,000 portions (not meals) of food.

Additional to THT’s home base at St. Mary’s Parish (Downtown Kitchener), satellite locations at the Schwaben Shelter, Frederick/Edith Mach Shelter and St. Anthony Daniel’s Parish (Stanley Park) served over 2100 people.

How can we make a difference?

Tiny Home Takeout is, completely, donation driven.  Support the upcoming, 7th Annual Trivia Challenge with a team (table) of 8 players or, reach out to the Kitchener Knights of Columbus [] to donate.

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