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Kitchener Knights of Columbus - Father Funcken Council No. 1504

“In Service to One, In Service to All”

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Organization History

The Knights of Columbus – Origins

The Knights of Columbus, founded in New Haven, Connecticut, on March 29, 1882, is a remarkable testament to the vision and determination of a pioneering Catholic priest, Father Michael J. McGivney. Father McGivney was deeply troubled by the difficult circumstances faced by immigrant Catholic families in the United States during the late 19th century. He witnessed firsthand the challenges they encountered, particularly in times of adversity when they lacked the necessary support networks. It was from this concern and compassion that he conceived the idea of an organization that would provide these families with not only financial assistance in their times of need but also a sense of unity, community, and shared faith. Gathering a small group of like-minded Catholic men from St. Mary's Parish, Father McGivney, along with these dedicated parishioners, officially established the Knights of Columbus.

The founding principles of the Knights were clear and resonated deeply with the organization's early members: charity, unity, fraternity, and patriotism. From the outset, these principles guided the Knights in their mission to support both their fellow members and the broader community. The Knights of Columbus quickly expanded, drawing in men from various walks of life who were equally passionate about their faith and dedicated to serving the less fortunate. Today, the Knights of Columbus stands as a global organization, with countless councils, chapters, and members across the world, all united by the shared commitment to charitable works, community service, and the promotion of the principles that have been its bedrock for over a century. Father McGivney's vision continues to shine brightly as the Knights of Columbus continue to make a positive impact, embodying the values of charity, unity, fraternity, and patriotism in their ongoing service to the Church and society.

The Knights of Columbus

Council Beginnings

Origins of Father Funcken Kitchener Council

The Kitchener Knights of Columbus, Father Funcken Council No. 1504 has its roots dating back to its charter in 1910. Originally established in what was then known as Berlin, Ontario, the council was named in honor of Father Ludwig Funcken, a dedicated Catholic priest and the visionary founder of St. Jerome's College. It is worth noting that the city's name was changed to Kitchener in 1916.


Father Funcken Council No. 1504, true to its origins, is a fraternal organization comprising Catholic gentlemen devoted to the support of the Catholic church and the broader community. Central to the Knights of Columbus' mission is the noble pursuit of raising charitable funds for local causes and community projects, a testament to their unwavering commitment to philanthropy and community service.


The name of the council pays homage to Blessed Father Ludwig Funcken's significant impact and dedication to the Catholic community in the region. Naming the council in his honor is a fitting tribute to his contributions to the local Catholic community and educational institutions. Today, Father Funcken Council No. 1504 carries on his legacy by serving the community and continuing its support for charitable causes in the area.

The Knights of Columbus have a rich history of community service, and the Kitchener Knights of Columbus, Father Funcken Council No. 1504 stands as a shining example of their commitment to these values within the Kitchener region. Their enduring dedication to the local community and their involvement in charitable efforts continue to make a meaningful impact on the region.


Blessed Rev. Ludwig G. F. H. Funcken

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 Father Michael J. McGivney

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The Knights of Columbus

Council Leadership

Meet Our Dedicated Officers

At the Kitchener Knights of Columbus, our strength and impact lie in the remarkable individuals who make up our membership. Our diverse and dedicated group of members form a tight-knit community bound by a common commitment to faith, charity, and unity.

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