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Knights of Columbus Insurance


Live your Faith through your financial decisions

A member of the Knights of Columbus qualifies to purchase Life Insurance under the Order; Knights of Columbus Insurance is now one of the top life Insurance Companies in North America. The Knights of Columbus is a fraternal benefit society, which means we can provide financial security to members and their families, while turning premiums into charitable impact.

On the surface, things may appear to have changed since Blessed Father Michael J. McGivney had his great inspiration and established the Knights of Columbus in New Haven, Connecticut in the spring of 1882. But the need for life, disability, long term care insurance and member benefits has not.

Nobody in 1882 nor today plans their own health crisis, and emergencies don’t wait for you to plan. But you can plan to stop it from being a family economic crisis. In this world of noise, we badly need clarity on big questions like life and disability insurance so that we may make the big decisions.


It’s a fact, the less money you have, the more you need life insurance.  When you find it hardest to stretch out that weekly paycheck, that’s when you need your life insurance protection the most.

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