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Become a Knight

Your Path to Community, Faith, and Service

“In Service to One, In Service to All”

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Why Become a Knight?

Answer the Call to Faith, Service, and Community.





Fourth Degree Knights


Ontario Knights of Columbus Membership Data

Becoming a Knight of Columbus is a noble and purposeful endeavour. We are a vibrant community of Catholic men, aged 18 and older, who share a common commitment to making a tangible and positive impact on our world. Our mission revolves around strengthening not only our faith but also the communities we serve. Being a Knight means embracing a way of life that goes beyond mere camaraderie. It's a call to action, a dedicated involvement within your local community, a staunch support for your beloved Catholic Church, a continuous journey to deepen your personal faith, and a commitment to protecting and enhancing your family life.

A Commitment to Community
As a Knight, you will play a pivotal role in making your local community a better place. Our commitment to charity is at the heart of what we do. By participating in our charitable initiatives, you become a source of hope and assistance to those in need. Whether it's supporting local food banks, helping the elderly, or engaging in disaster relief, your service can transform lives and bring positive change to your community.


Strengthening Faith
The Kitchener Knights of Columbus places a strong emphasis on faith. By joining us, you are provided with a platform to deepen your faith and live it out in practical ways. Through our faith-based programs, you can grow spiritually, participate in meaningful religious activities, and contribute to the spiritual development of others.


Supporting Your Local Catholic Church
The Catholic Church plays a central role in the lives of many, and as a Knight, you can actively support your local parish and diocese. Our commitment to the Church involves offering financial assistance, aiding in the construction of churches, and fostering a sense of unity and support among parishioners. Your involvement contributes to the vitality and well-being of your local Catholic community.


Enhancing Your Family Life
The family is the cornerstone of society, and the Knights of Columbus recognizes its importance. By being a Knight, you can actively protect and enhance your family life. We provide you with a network of like-minded individuals who share your values and are there to support you and your loved ones. Together, we strengthen family bonds and create a nurturing environment for growth and well-being.

In essence, becoming a Kitchener Knight of Columbus is an invitation to join a dynamic force for good, a community that embraces charity, unity, fraternity, and patriotism. It's a path that allows you to make a real and lasting difference, both in your life and in the lives of those you serve. Join us, answer the call to faith, service, and community, and become a Knight today.

Overview Booklet 

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The Knights of Columbus

Who Can Join?

Open Arms to All Practicing Catholics

Membership in the Kitchener Knights of Columbus is open to practical Catholic men who are in communion with the Holy See and who have celebrated their 18th birthday. A practical Catholic is one who not only professes their faith but lives it out in their daily life, upholding the Commandments of God and the Precepts of the Church. By joining us, you become part of a collective effort to make the world a better place through faith-driven service and dedication.

How to Join

Your Journey Starts Here – Join the Knights of Columbus Today

Joining the Kitchener Knights of Columbus is a straightforward process. We invite you to take the next step on your journey to service, faith, and community by reaching out to us for a membership form. We welcome men who are committed to embracing the principles of Charity, Unity, Fraternity, and Patriotism, and together, we strive to make a profound difference in the world, one act of service at a time.

Come, be a part of our tradition and experience the fulfillment of serving your community, deepening your faith, and protecting and enhancing your family life through the Knights of Columbus. 

Contact us with a membership inquiry. 

Become a Knight Today


Blessed Rev. Ludwig G. F. H. Funcken

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 Father Michael J. McGivney

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