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50/50 Online Raffle Update

It was bitter-sweet for Council 1504 as our traditional Lottery Draw ticket campaign was replaced with State’s 50/50 Online Raffle.  Health concerns for almost two years, severely restricted the annual promotion which prevented face-to-face ticket sales.  To support the Ontario Charities Foundation and the charitable works of the Kitchener Knights of Columbus, the 50/50 Online Raffle was born.  Online purchases began in January of this year and each quarter a lucky winner was chosen with the last name to be chosen December 1st.  The final “Early Bird” draws will be held November 1st and December 1st with three draws worth $500, $250 and $250.

Congratulations to our Latest Grand Prize Winner!

Winning Number: C-8877365 Winner Name: Nancy McMillan Jackpot Won: $37,255 Draw Date: September 30, 2021 The winner of the final 50/50 Grand Prize will be announced following the December 31st draw. With congratulations going to the winners, Council 1504 will be able maintain their notable charitable works benefitting from the 50/50 Online Raffle.

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