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by Gary Megaffin

It was bittersweet on Tuesday evening August 17 that many members of Council 1504 met on the lawn of Columbus House. It was almost two years ago we met within Council chambers when the world experienced a serious health issue not seen for decades. Then the doctrine was issued to eliminate any further close contact resulting in the suspension of any future Knights of Columbus events and meetings.

Health concerns also prevented the K of C Corporation to hold their Annual General Meeting which allowed the Board to inform the membership of their year’s business activities and election of officers.

As conditions improved with the relaxation of constraints there was an opportunity to return to almost normalcy.  It was decided to hold a combined meeting with Council 1504 hosting the K of C Corporation. This would permit new Corporation Board members to be elected and allow Council 1504 to hold its first “live action” General Meeting in many months. The weatherman cooperated providing a warm evening where over 30 members met outdoors renewing K of C fellowship. The Corporation’s financial statements were detailed and three vacancies on the Board were filled while many of Council’s updates were deferred to the September General Meeting.

It is hoped that further relaxing of the restrictive measures will see the return to normal Knights of Columbus customs and events.

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