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Bon Voyage Brother Chris

by Gary Megaffin

A well-attended General Meeting, on Tuesday August 15, heard Brother Chris Pugh thank everyone who was instrumental in supporting his work with the Kitchener Knights of Columbus. Before departing on his new venture as a professor at Brandon University, Chris was honoured with the Brother Dan Dineen Award of Distinction for his contributions to Council 1504.

Five years ago, Chris came to Council 1504, ascended to the Fourth Degree and then Faithful Navigator of the Father Funcken Assembly. Inspired by his Christian attitude, Chris inaugurated several unique and innovative Council events that were regularly attended.

Attaining his PhD in Physics, Chris will teach at Brandon University for a year then will consider entering the seminary. Before the meeting concluded, Chris was presented with special gifts of two religious sculptures that were subsequently blessed by Father Larry.  After the meeting, many of the members enjoyed a special “bon voyage” cake, wishing Brother Chris Godspeed.

179 Honouring Brother Chris 1

Attending his last meeting with Council 1504, Brother Chris Pugh says goodbye before leaving on his new venture at Brandon University. He thanked his Brother Knights for their support and said his time with the Kitchener Knights of Columbus will always be remembered as special.

179 Honouring Brother Chris 2

GK Dave Obermeyer presenting Brother Chris Pugh with the Brother Dan Dineen Award of Distinction, recognizing Chris’ unique and distinguished contributions to Council 1504.

179 Honouring Brother Chris 3

PGK Brian Schmalz presenting two departing sculpture gifts to Brother Chris, one with the inscription “I will never forget you”. These words are spoken by Jesus holding an unborn child in his arms. The religious memento recalls the monthly saying of the Rosary for the Unborn at Freeport, begun by Chris and ably assisted by Brother Fernando Melo.

179 Honouring Brother Chris 4

While Brothers Brian Schmalz and Chris Pugh look on, Chaplain Father Larry is blessing the two inspirational sculpture gifts presented to Chris. It was an emotional presentation earlier of the religious figurines honoring Brother Chris for his contributions to Council 1504.

179 Honouring Brother Chris 5

You can’t have a party without cake! Following the meeting, everyone enjoyed a tasty treat while saying “bon voyage” to Brother Chris Pugh.

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