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Brother Dan Dineen Award of Distinction Bestowed

The late Brother Dan Dineen was a tireless promoter and supporter of the Kitchener Knights of Columbus, Council 1504. For over 40 years, Brother Dan made it his passion to visit his Brother Knights who were infirm, either in hospital or at home. Dan made it a point to always take advantage of the opportunity to recruit a new member for the Knights. His devotion to the Knights of Columbus was unsurpassed.

It is with that fervent dedication that Council 1504 instituted the Brother Dan Dineen Award of Distinction. The Award is to recognize a member of Council 1504 who, while not holding any elected position, faithfully supports Council 1504 and his Brother Knights when help is called upon.

The first winner of the award is Brother Fernando Melo. Fernando unfailingly leads The Rosary For The Unborn, attends K of C Prayer Services for a deceased Brother, and can be seen displaying his carpentry skills constructing Nativity Scenes. It is assured that Brother Fernando is always front and centre, supporting the specialized charitable events that Council 1504 produces. Brother Fernando Melo is the well-deserved winner of the first Brother Dan Dineen Award of Distinction.

174 Fernando Melo Presentation

GK Dave Obermeyer presents the first winner of the Brother Dan Dineen Award of Distinction to Brother Fernando Melo. A well-deserved member of Council 1504, Brother Fernando has always been first in line when called upon to promote and foster Council events.

174 Dan Dineen Plaque Keeper
174 Dan Dineen Plaque

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