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In loving memory of PGK Brother Dan Dineen

by Gary Megaffin

Daniel Dineen

4 SEPTEMBER, 1940 – 13 MARCH, 2015

It was over five years ago in February of 2017 when the St. Mary’s General hospital began preparations to renovate their chapel.  Meeting with Father Sam Restivo, hospital chaplain, discussions were held on the potential that perhaps the Kitchener Knights of Columbus become involved with support to the Hospital’s project.  Following six months of meetings, renovation costs were revealed to be financially challenging the Council 1504.  It was at that time Dan’s Son, Brenden, wanted to commemorate his father’s legacy with the Kitchener Knights by a donation of $1,000 dollars.  Dan Dineen was recognized as a faithful member of the Kitchener Knights of Columbus and his unfailing support for Council 1504.  For over 43 years Brother Dan had been visiting our infirmed members in hospitals, nursing homes and at home.  Meeting with Father Sam it was suggested that perhaps Brenden’s donation could be earmarked for an item that would compliment the chapel in some way, and be financially viable.  It was decided that since a new chalice was needed for the chapel’s daily Mass, that the new vessel would be purchased supported by Brenden Dineen’s donation and the Kitchener Knights of Columbus and inscribed accordingly.

September 4 1940 – March 13 2015

40 years visiting the sick for the Kitchener 1504K of C

Our Brother Knight will be remembered as the chalice used at Mass in the St. Mary’s Hospital Chapel has been inscribed with a memorial message honouring Dan’s achievement.

Upon receipt of the new chalice, a commemoration ceremony was planned to be held in the chapel at St. Mary’s Hospital. Unfortunately, the timing coincided with a universal lockdown and the chalice dedication had to be cancelled after receiving this devastating message….

“Fr. Sam just called to say St. Mary’s Hospital is prohibiting all unnecessary visits because of the virus issue. Unfortunately, we have to cancel the chalice presentation tomorrow until a later date. Fr. says when this situation changes, he will let me know.”

With many virus restrictions removed a new commemoration is planned to honour Brother Dan Dineen. Future details will be announced.

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