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K of C Elves at it Again

Last year’s Nativity Scene construction campaigns took their toll on the K of C elves. They are rejuvenating now and once the burn out is over, they expect to ramp up the workshop again. It is planned to work on Wednesdays and some Saturdays, if help is available. Their hard work created a great seasonal demand for the constructed Christmas decorations. Chief Elves, Brothers Brian Schmalz and Brian Hughes could use your help. If you are handy with a pencil, jig-saw, paint brush or like working with wood, become a K of C elf. Remember you are volunteers and any time you can spare is most welcomed. If you’re Spring cleaning and find you have scrap plywood or small pieces that you think they can use, call K of C @ 519-893-1504 and leave a message or email PGK Brian Schmalz

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