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K of C Publicity

by Gary Megaffin

Just a week before the November 11 K of C Trivia Challenge to support Marillac Place, the hostel suffered a serious dilemma, a damaging flood that caused an evacuation. Thinking that perhaps media coverage could help promote the event to increase aid to Marillac Place for Council 1504, it began with a phone call to the 570 News Department. A suggestion was made to have coverage on the Marillac Place flood hoping to also get some K of C Trivia Challenge publicity.

As it happened, that call morphed into a 30-minute appearance on the Jennifer Campbell show, where the Knights of Columbus was promoted along with the Trivia Challenge fundraiser for Marillac Place. Sitting in for Ms Campbell was Jeff Pickel where he and Brother Gary Megaffin, during the interview, fielded answers to some trivia questions posed to the listening audience. The Rogers media group in Kitchener has always been a big supporter of the Kitchener Knights of Columbus.

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