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Memorial Mass at Blessed Sacrament

by Gary Megaffin

The Annual Knights of Columbus Memorial Mass was held at Blessed Sacrament Parish on Sunday November 11, 2018. The celebration honours our Brother Knights from Council 1504 who have passed away this past year. The families from seven deceased Knights were recognized and were presented with a Memorial Plaque by Grand Knight Mike Szabo and Council 1504 Chaplin Fr. Larry Parent. Assisting at the Mass serving as the Honour Guard were 4th Degree members Sir Knights Max Salman, Whit Husk, Frank Troupe. Pat McGrath, Wayne Curry and Gerry Kelly. Following the ceremony, everyone enjoyed a delightful reception prepared by Brother Mike van Lammeren and his mother and hosted by Father Larry.

2018 Memorial Mass 1

Chef Mike van Lammeren busily preparing a delicious lunch, ably assisted by his mother, Betty van Lammeren.

2018 Memorial Mass 2

The K of C Memorial Mass Honour Guard (left to right) Sir Knights Frank Troup, Wayne Curry, Pat McGrath, Max Salman, Whit Husk and Gerry Kelly.

2018 Memorial Mass 3

It’s all in the family! Much credit goes to chef Mike van Lammeren and his household for setting up and preparing a large, delicious lunch buffet. The families and K of C members enjoyed the spread following the Memorial Mass and plaque presentations. Mike’s mother Betty van Lammeren and mother-in-law Sharan Thomson toiled in their kitchens baking a selection of pies, tea biscuits, corn muffins, devilled eggs and salad trays. Mike’s wife Lori and his sister Sandra Langstaff were on the Tim Horton’s coffee detail. To make sure there was enough, PGK Jim Padgett paid a visit to Tim’s as well. Clean up was mastered by all, including children Gabriel and Dominic van Lammeren and Bridget and Kelton Langstaff. Kudos to everyone who provided a very successful and delightful menu.

2018 Memorial Mass 4

The families of our fallen Brothers are presented with a Memorial Plaque, a recognition of their membership in the Knights of Columbus.

2018 Memorial Mass 5

The Blessing of the Memorial Plaques by Father Larry.

2018 Memorial Mass 6

The daughter of Brother Gregory Moser, Sandra Reid is receiving the Memorial Mass Plaque from GK Mike Szabo. The presentation is one of seven families honoured at the celebration.

2018 Memorial Mass 7

Following the Memorial Mass and presentations, a delicious buffet was served to the families and K of C members.

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