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Nativity Scene Production 2015

Nativity Scene 1

Nativity Scene 2

August 14, 2015

K of C Project Well Underway

Expecting a high demand for the popular successful K of C project from last year’s festive season, outdoor Nativity Scenes are now being constructed aided by several Council members. The project is overseen by Brothers Brian Hughes and Brian Schmalz where construction is done at available space offered by Brother Ted Jasica at his place of business. With a goal of producing 100 scenes, much of the construction process is done by individual Brother Knights at their residences then assembled and painted at Ted’s. Anticipating a strong demand at only $125.00, it’s advisable to order in September. Council 1504 is donating the surplus wood cuttings to K.W. Woodworking Association who make toys and, in turn, donate them to the hospitals and other charities.

To place an order please call 519-893-1504, or email at

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