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Thanks to our dedicated membership – A Summary of our Works

With the end of 2014, Council 1504, Kitchener Knights of Columbus culminated an active year producing the memorable Christmas Concert performed at St. Mary’s Church by the incomparable St. Michael’s Choir School and the Waterloo Regional Police Chorus.  Within our history, the members of Council 1504 have been a proud and zealous group creating and participating in countless fund-raising events.  Your spirited commitment achieved goals that were, at times, deemed impossible.  Since 1998 numerous community institutions and support groups have been the beneficiaries of over $674,000.00 in donations from the Knights.  Our success can only be attributed to you, our dedicated membership, who faithfully champion and support the causes of Council 1504 when asked upon.  With our momentum and God’s blessing, we see an exciting future that will enable us to continue the works of the Kitchener Knights of Columbus.

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