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The Icon Story

by Gary Megaffin

Every few years, the Knights of Columbus select an icon of a saint whose patronage is particularly inspiring to Knights and their communities to be featured in its nationwide Pilgrim Icon Program.  The icons travel from council to council serving as the centerpieces for prayer services in parishes throughout the nation.

This year, the Knights are honoring St. Joseph and pray for his intercession in preserving, cultivating and passing on the Catholic faith to future generations.  Sponsored by the Kitchener Knights of Columbus the St. Joseph Icon was displayed in the sanctuary of St. Francis of Assisi Church from February 26 to March 6.

In October 2021, Pope Francis blessed the St. Joseph icon, thus opening the initiative. Through this Pilgrim Program, the Knights encourage their communities to “turn in prayer to St. Joseph, give thanks to God for the gift of fatherly example and ask St. Joseph to be a father to us” in seeking to “grow in our own imitation of St. Joseph’s quiet strength, integrity and fidelity.”

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