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To Market To Market We Go

by Gary Megaffin

The brisk winter weather didn’t deter shoppers at this year’s edition of the Christkindl Market. A busy four days produced successful sales of the K of C Nativity Scenes and other festive decorations. Something new this year was a selection of religious themed sculptures by renowned artist Timothy P. Schmalz. Sales figures from the K of C booth for the four days amounted to over $750 dollars.

Many thanks go to organizer Brother Mac Graham and the tireless volunteers who braved the elements at this year’s event. Sales associates included GK Dave Obermeyer, PGK Brian Schmalz, Mike Wilhelm, Steve Constant, Wayne Keffer, Mario Peretti, Frank Shewchuk, Hank Helmond, Max Salman, Rodolfo Bittar, Fred Greidanus, Mike Begin, Sean Meaney, Dave Hudder, Reinhart Schreiter, DGK Mike and Ana Szabo, Peter Penlington, Fernando Melo, Mike Van Lammeren and Jack Nolan.

196 Christkindl Market 2017
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