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Truly, It Was a Grand Opening

A trail-blazing event on October 1st marked a new chapter in the 150-year life of St. Jerome’s University at University of Waterloo. A special affair was held to recognize donors and supporters of the multi-million-dollar Academic Centre expansion of the University. The campus renewal project that included the Academic Centre, Residence Buildings and Gym were officially opened. The Ribbon-Cutting ceremony was attended by President Katherine Bergman, His Excellency Bishop Douglas Crosby, Bishop Daniel Miehm and Father Murray McDermott. In addition to the University’s Board of Governors many other provincial and municipal dignitaries were there. As Father Louis Funcken CR is one of the main founders of St. Jerome’s University and is the namesake of Council 1504, Grand Knight Dave Obermeyer and Chaplain Father Larry Parent were invited for the Grand Opening and Feast. Following The Feast of St. Jerome Eucharistic Liturgy held in the Notre Dame Chapel, 300 guests enjoyed the Feast of St. Jerome Dinner held in the Atrium of the Academic Centre where Dr. Jack Sehl was presented with the Chancellor John Sweeney award in Catholic Leadership. The dinner guests heard Chancellor Jim Beingessner and Mike Collins speak of the leadership and service that Dr. Sehl provided to the community. Dr. Sehl was honoured for his local humanitarian and philanthropic endeavours, spearheading the fundraising campaign to expand Carizon Family and Community Services and his campaign to build the addition to the Manor, where the Resurrection priests reside. Jack and Mary Sehl were presented with a personal framed photograph in honour of their recently celebrated 60th wedding anniversary. The Grand Opening concluded with Dr. Sehl addressing the crowd with his appreciation and thanks.

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