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2019 Annual General Meeting

by Gary Megaffin

2019 AGM Board Meeting

The Columbus Kitchener Co-operative Inc., held its Annual General Meeting Tuesday April 23, 2019. Chairman Brian Hughes welcomed the assembled to the meeting and reported how proud he was of the work done by the Board this past year. The agenda included several business items including time allotted for the election of executive positions to the Board. The election was led by Brother Gerry Kelly giving a brief explanation and the responsibilities of the board positions.

Congratulations to the new Corporation members for executive positions on the CKCI board for 2019-2020.

  1. Chairman: Brian Schmalz

  2. Vice Chair: Mario Peretti

  3. Treasurer: Mac Graham

  4. Secretary: Dave Obermeyer

Chairman Brian Schmalz appointed the following:

  1. Grounds: Jim Padgett and Wayne Curry

  2. Council Liaison: Jack Nolan

  3. Building Facilities: Kevin Schmalz & Dave Obermeyer

  4. Director at Large: Brian Hughes

At closing, Chairman Brian Hughes thanked the Directors and the members for their great attendance, and invited all to remain and enjoy some light refreshments.

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