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A Great Day at the K of C Centre

Couldn’t be beat! It was perfect weather for the annual K of C Family Appreciation Day, Saturday, June 24, 2017, at the K of C Centre on Guelph Street. MC and GK Dave Obermeyer welcomed over 100 family and friends to a full day of food, fun and frolic that began at 2:00 pm.

It was a jam-packed day that featured the ever-popular Brave Knight Bouncy Castle, fun-filled Dunk Tank and a display presented by the Region of Waterloo Paramedic Services. Vesta, the clown, demonstrated her skill at making balloon animals and her artistic ability of face-painting. The active Family Appreciation Day was topped off with Chef Wayne Buchholtz doing his wonders with food at the BBQ.

Organizer Mike van Lammeren and his hard-working crew of several dedicated volunteers were responsible to make the event the success it was. Sean and Amanda Meaney prepared the food, Mike and Max Salman, aided by Francis Du, set up and handled the registration desk, while Francis was doing double-duty handing out Freezies to the kids.

A big thank you to Piller’s, Lay’s, Zehr’s and Shopper’s Drug Mart for their generous donations. A good time was had by all and looking forward to next year’s event.

175 FAD 01

“Sign in, please, guess how many in the jars and win a prize!” Manning the Registration Desk are left, Mike Salman, son Max, Francis Du and guest.

175 FAD 02

The 2017 Family Appreciation Day festivities getting underway at the K of C Centre.

175 FAD 03

Everyone enjoyed the musical stylings of well-known Kitchener entertainer Ron Hiuser at the 2017 K of C Family Appreciation Day.

175 FAD 04

Look, it’s the Brave Knight Bouncy Castle! It’s back again at the K of C Family Appreciation Day. The popular attraction was welcomed by both big and little kids. GK Dave Obermeyer and Gabriel van Lammeren pointing the way to fun.

175 FAD 05

They’re lining up to try their marksmanship at the ever-popular Dunk Tank attraction at the 2017 Family Appreciation Day festivities.

175 FAD 06

“I’m not scared, just throw the ball!” Alex Barbosa is once again manning the Dunk Tank at the K of C 2017 Family Appreciation Day.

175 FAD 07

No need to worry about any potential emergency at this year’s Family Appreciation Day. Here we see paramedic Becky Pagett from the Region of Waterloo Paramedic Services, one of several attractions and displays at this year’s festivities.

175 FAD 08

“Is that how you do it?” Another popular attraction, face painting by Vesta, this year’s resident clown and balloon animal maker at the K of C Family Appreciation Day.

175 FAD 09

“OK Dave, this is how you should clean your BBQ.” Family Appreciation Day is known for its food, and chef Wayne Buchholtz is showing GK Dave Obermeyer what to do before you fire up the BBQ.

175 FAD 10

A good time was had by all at the 2017 K of C Family Appreciation Day.

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