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Praying the Stations

by Gary Megaffin

The long-standing tradition of the Kitchener Knights of Columbus presenting the Stations of the Cross during Lent continued Friday March 18 at St. Francis Church.  This year we were Praying the Stations with Pope Francis.  The 4th Degree Honour Guard of PGK Mike Szabo, Frank Troupe, Wayne Curry, Tony Finoro and PGK Whit Husk, paused at each of the 14 stations to meditate as the words of the Pope were heard.  Read by PGK Owen Hennessey and Gary Megaffin, we were invited to walk with Christ on the pathway to the cross.

As we prayed at each station, we reflected on the story of Jesus’ way of the cross, as it is also a story about us.  We prayed for the grace to see how carrying our cross is a reality today.  The words of Pope Francis wanted us to recognize those who are being crucified in our society today by hate, prejudice, poverty and disease and to leave determined to work for the peace and justice of the Reign of God.

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